Preschoolers Go Green!

At a time when planet earth seems to be yelling “HELP!”, one doesn’t need to look far to find ways preschoolers can make the EARTH HAPPY. Use plastic baggies for lunch? Switch to a recyclable container and tell them why. Plan on filling baskets with plastic, green grass? Switch to paper and explain why.

Colored with markers until they’re dry? Crayola will send you a recycling bag your child can fill with worn-out markers and send back. Enlist your child to be in charge of the reusable grocery totes each time you go shopping; not only will this put a smile on our earth, but it will ensure that the totes aren’t left in the car!

When we help preschoolers develop a civic sense of “earth kindness habits”, we help preserve a better future for their tomorrow. At Kids Clubhouse in Warwick, NY, we take pride in implementing many of these GO GREEN techniques; from reusable lunch containers to recyclable musical instruments, our preschoolers are already caring for their earth.

Happy Earth Day!