Art Club

Art Club in the Warwick/Minisink, New York and Vernon/Sussex, New Jersey area

Art Classes for children ages 3 to 5 – consists of a 1.5-hour session, 1 day per week.

Art Club will empower your child with the tools to take an idea from within and give it form!

In this process-oriented program, children explore self-expression through a variety of artistic concepts, mediums, and techniques. They are encouraged to trust in their own creative impulses as teachers expose them to drawing, painting, clay, collage, printmaking, music, construction, social studies, and more. Our qualified teachers provide inspirations to help trigger the creative process and get the children motivated to explore beyond self-imposed limits.

Fostering children’s artistic expression is not only fun; it can also enhance their cognitive skills.

According to the United States Department of Education, studies suggest a strong link between learning in the arts and the development of fundamental cognitive skills used to master other academic subjects, such as reading, writing and mathematics. Not only does our program cultivate artistic expressionism to help develop those skills, each Art Class offers free play in our imaginary play room, allowing children to connect and collaborate when participating in cooperative projects.