Grad School – Suspended due to Pandemic

Grad School in the Warwick, New York and Vernon, New Jersey area.

Grad School, an after-school program offered to Preschool Graduates to age 10 – consists of a 1 1/2 hour session, 1 day per week.

Art and Cooking Combo/Split Session

Art Club

Art Club teaches the fundamental skills of all visual arts using a sequential and ordered process. As educators, we note dramatic improvement from beginning to end in this enrichment program. This class will expand the child’s art vocabulary and history knowledge, along with emphasizing patience, discipline and focus. All of these skills will aid in improving attention to detail. Research has proven there is a strong correlation between involvement in arts and achievement in the classroom.

Cooking Club

This class is designed to provide children with the experience of preparing, cooking, serving, and tasting their culinary creations. Through this hands-on cooking experience, chefs will learn to:
• Read a recipe • Measure ingredients • Combine and mix ingredients according to instructions • Clean up their work space • Proper use of kitchen tools and equipment • Kitchen safety.

Cooking Club allows the strengthening of fine motor skills, the building of language skills and the practicing of basic math skills. Creating their own meals also builds confidence and helps children learn healthy eating habits. You will be surprised what children will eat when they have created it.

Stem Club

(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

A STEM curriculum designed to spark kids’ natural curiosity!

There is an exciting and powerful link between STEM and early childhood learning. Research confirms that the brain is particularly receptive to learning math and logic, and that early math skills are the most powerful predictors of later learning.

Our STEM class time is divided into ‘Investigations’, where the teachers are the guides, and the students use their skills in science, technology, engineering and math to explore the world around them. STEM provides the opportunity for children to problem solve and ask inquiry based questions.

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