Parent / Child

Baby Classes in the Warwick, New York and Vernon New Jersey Area

This baby class treats you and your child to fun as you gain support and information from others facing similar parenting joys and concerns. The first portion of the program is spent exchanging ideas on a planned parenting topic while the children enjoy toys in our parent created “human playpen”. We have a long list of popular topics – sleeping through the night, separation anxiety, medical care choices, babysitting….to name a few.

Our fun songs and puppets encourage children to focus on a teacher figure and engage in group activities. The free playtime portion of this class takes place in our creatively designed play room and fosters independence while enabling caregivers time to connect with other parents.

The class ends with a parachute activity which keeps everyone entertained and leaves the children excited about returning each week.

Each class meets for 55 min 1 or 2 days per week.