Transitioning to Kindergarten and Beyond

I thought this would be a good month to discuss change. Transitioning from one season to another is a wonderful reminder that change and growth is constant. As parents, we are reminded of this rapid change in the many sweet moments: “Those pants fit yesterday!” Did my 4-year-old just say, “That’s awkward?” “I will do it myself.” “Wow, there is no food on the floor and we all had dinner?!” And finally, for many of you, Kindergarten registration. Read on to better understand transitioning to kindergarten and beyond.

Change is something we sometimes fear, especially when it relates to the growth and development of our children. It is so fun to hold onto these sweet years, but here is the message: No matter how hard you find ways to hold on, you just can’t stop the change! Continuing to take off their coat when they are perfectly capable of doing it on their own, speaking for them when they can speak for themselves, taking charge of decisions they can make on their own will only compromise their healthy independence vs. slowing growth down.

We need to remember that change is constant, and that includes our need to continually redefine our role in our children’s life. Our own growth outside of parenthood must stay constant as well; be prepared to nurture your outside interests and love relationships to maintain a balance as the wings on your little one grow. By redefining yourself as your parenting role changes, your nest feels roomy for spreading your own wings rather than empty.