Value of Play

Upon entering the Kids Club House doors, the facility seems to buzz with voices, movement, and activity. To the untrained eye, this may look like chaos, but to our staff and students, this perpetual motion is learning in its best form: PLAY.

The value of play can be underestimated.

Play provides children the opportunity to enhance communication skills, to read facial cues, to develop skills of sharing and negotiating, to master separation from family and to mimic their adult world. Whether interacting with a teacher or a friend, play is the opportunity to grow cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Also, play can be a wonderful behavioral management tool.

If your child seems to resist cleaning up toys, play a game to meet the goal. Tossing toys into a bin to tally who scores the most points is much more enticing than merely putting toys in a bin. Racing to put on shoes yields much more giggles then repeatedly requesting ‘go put your shoes on.’

PLAY: Put Laughter Anywhere You Can! You might even find yourself smiling more often!